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Many training, coaching, or consulting methods do not tap into the root of an organization's main problem(s) or get to the core of what really drives lasting change and growth.  My consulting process starts with identifying needs and goals, so clients do not have to be able to clearly articulate their exact needs/goals before contacting me; if you want change, that is enough.  The starting nature of our collaboration is exploratory and the best path to reaching your goals will emerge rather quickly.

A skilled consultant assists clients to best deal with challenges, obstacles, demands, changes, opportunities, and goals.  These can include professional or personal domains of life, as they often affect each other.  Organizational development (OD) consulting focuses on the processes the hinder effectiveness, requiring a diagnostic phase and adaptation to address real issues in real time and to achieve excellent results. 

After assessing your needs and goals, we will develop a plan of services that will best guide you to the success you desire.

Personality Testing          Team Building 

Coaching                  Conflict Resolution

Training and Education    Group Facilitation


The development work begins with a focus on understanding which personality patterns are hindering effectiveness and how to create new patterns.  The insight generated by exploring personality patterns is remarkable.  I have consistently seen it to be the strongest foundation for growth and lasting change.  

The next stage addresses the client's real issues in real time.  We discover problem areas, root causes, and possibilities.  Skills, attitudes, knowledge, and processes all coalesce into a systematic and sustainable path, directing clients to where they want to be.

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