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Training & Education

Training and education is completed based on your needs and the action plan established in the intake session, therefore, it is always customized for you.  


Individual and group training sessions are done locally and nationally, as follows:


Group training sessions span from 2-8 hours per day.


Individual and group sessions involve demonstration, experiential learning, and reinforcement of concepts.


Individual sessions tend to include mini-sessions of targeted education in the areas that surface as gaps in knowledge.     

The Training Modules

The following are the most common training and education modules, which can be customized to your exact needs:

Effective Communication & Listening

Providing & Receiving Feedback

Conflict Prevention & Resolution

Emotional and Somatic Intelligence

Behavior & Process Mapping

Enneagram System: Leveraging Strengths

  and Overcoming Obstacles

Strong Leadership & Work Culture

High-Performance Teams 

Personality Style and Sales

Coaching Skills

Meeting Facilitation

Stress Management & Mindfulness for 

   Increasing Productivity and Satisfaction

Training & Education Methods

Unlike ineffective training sessions (which waste your precious time and financial resources), I use the most powerful methodologies, ensuring that clients effectively gain, retain, and apply the learned skills when back in their typical environments.  The overall goals are to work with the short human attention span and to deepen the learning by using physical engagement and learning tools in real time.  


Experiential learning activities deepen participation.  These are completed in conjunction with traditional educational methods of mini-lectures, readings, audio-visuals, and demonstrations.  The art of skillful teaching weaves these methods into every training and coaching session with insight, balance, and dynamism.  Examples include:

▪ Short interactive activities                 Role-playing key scenarios

Case study and discussions             Teaching each other

Working with physical materials      Debriefing after activities      

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