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Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Conflict resolution is critical for any learning, understanding, and change.  When conflict, confusion, and/or resentment pervade the atmosphere, understanding and learning fail.  Change is thwarted. The trust required for strong relationships and flourishing productivity evaporates.


The innovative conflict resolution technique employed combines three strategies that when used together have the power to reveal the core issues within a structure.  Appreciation for the situations and views of others expands.  With new insight and flexibility, clients depersonalize the issues, tolerate differences, diffuse the conflict, and practice methods to prevent future conflict.

Some elements of training and coaching can be paired with mediation to strengthen the ability to create a positive solution.  Keep in mind, conflict resolution is not limited to work or business problems.  Due to its high effectiveness, the potential clients are limitless:

Leadership or Board Members       Neighbors

 Manager and Direct Report           Families or Friends

 Team Members or Peers              Couples (or Co-parents)

 Group or Project Members           Anyone on "Different Sides"

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