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Clients see significant results in a relatively short period of time, unlike traditional methods for increasing success, satisfaction, and behavior change.  I do individual coaching and coach at all levels within organizations using a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on best practices for change and growth.


Being guided by a coach provides the necessary structure for clients to tap into their own insights, deepen their commitment to growth, and gain the success and fulfillment they desire.  I look forward to partnering with you to create a plan that will reach your potential.

My Approach to Coaching 

My coaching style combines the leading disciplines that relate to human behavior and lasting change and success.  Coaching conversations are highly focused, and development activities are customized to each individual.  This guides my clients to discover a depth to their intelligence and creativity and a sense of taking charge of their life. 


The coaching work is engaging, interesting, and meaningful, and the process inspires clients to continue development work on their own.  The time spent together tends to "fly by” and clients leave each session experiencing being on track to something good, effective, and worthwhile.  These are the results clients deserve to make their investment worthwhile.

There are many ways to attempt to reach one's goals, and in my experience, finding a skillful coach is the quickest path.  I have had formal and informal coaches who have graciously guided my own personal and professional development over the years, and I have witnessed extraordinary development in my clients.

Thinking about becoming a coaching client?

It is important to know that coaching is 100% confidential, whether you start through your workplace or on your own.  There are a few ways to begin, which can start with a 20-minute complimentary phone consultation, if desired.


Working with a coach can be "short and sweet" (such as 3 to 7 sessions)  

when exploring an issue.    


 When working towards a smaller goal or mastery of a certain skill, sessions can be extended to an average time period of 8-14 sessions.


 When working with complex issues or larger goals within a business environment, a challenging personal relationship, or a personal goal or 

dream, sessions can be extended as needed.

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe coaching is the art of bringing out the greatness in people, both personally and professionally.  We can find greatness in our natural capacities and talents, as well as in the willingness to develop the skills we need to make our lives flourish.


The truth is that we all have a potential that we have not tapped into yet.  When we look around, we can see that most of us do not know how to best guide ourselves or others to flourish: It is simply not commonly taught or modeled for us, and often traditional coaching/training methods do not lead to change that lasts.  Skilled coaching not only guides clients to achieve specific goals, it guides clients to flourish mentally, physically, emotionally, and in a relational (or spiritual) senseto a balanced life that feels much better, even under stress. 

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