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The Power of Personality Testing

Working with one's personality style lays an essential foundation for learning, growth, and success that endures over time and transfers to new challenges.  We generally think of "personality” as the positive (and not so positive) qualities we use to describe individuals.  However, in personal and professional self-development work with a skilled professional, "personality style" centers on the following:

 Identifying our patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior


Exploring how those patterns are productive or unproductive


Releasing the ineffective patterns and developing productive patterns


Choosing a customizable personality model that will yield effective,

  efficient, and cost-effective results for clients

Coaching and training using the Enneagram personality system directs behavior-change in an extremely focused and effective way.


This means one's personality style is never thought of as a fixed identity; it identifies a pattern of "how” and "why" we are a certain way when we are on "automatic-pilot" when uncertainty arises, differences surface, and under stress.


When exact patterns can be identified, only then they can be changed.  


The Enneagram Personality & Behavior-Change System

The popularity and success of the Enneagram system is growing both nationally and globally and has been applied across a wide spectrum of disciplines and industries.

The Enneagram system is a unique, engaging, and powerful personality and behavior-change model that leads us to identify and change habitual patterns that keep us from the things we desire most: health, positive relationships, satisfaction, success, and fulfillment.  


Over the last decade, the Enneagram has become a premier tool for self-development.  It guides individuals, teams of any kind, businesses, and organizations to learn about their ineffective habitual patterns in a meaningful and applicable way.  Many personality models simply do not have a strong application beyond being interesting or descriptive of individuals' observable behavior.


When we understand ourselves fully, we are equipped to learn how to make optimal choices when adjusting to new goals, demands, challenges, and stress, as well as when exploring our own commitments, goals, and desires.  Self-understanding is a skill to be built, like any other skill.  

The Enneagram Components

In this day and age, much of our behavior is on "automatic pilot" (without conscious consideration of all the factors or options), because we have a lot to accomplish in one day.  The well-developed automatic patterns we use support our sense of who we are, what we value, and what has worked for us before in some way.  Yet, the familiarity and comfort of acting on auto-pilot is the very thing, the blind spot, that obstructs the desire for enduring change and long-standing goals. 


The Enneagram system sorts human nature into 9 distinct patterns, which we can then use for creating targeted change-based action plans for individuals, teams of any kind, and entire organizations:

9 reasons we  continue ineffective

behavior & the corresponding motivations for change

9 critical strengths

for strong relationships &  for excellent work

and leadership

9 limiting ways

to view the world

& the

9 ways we react under stress

The High Impact of Using the Enneagram 

Using the Enneagram system in coaching, consulting, and training, has proved to be extremely effective.  The system's ability to hone in on clients' specific areas for growth has proven to yield better and faster results at significantly lower costs for clients. 


Learning and development work is customized, engaging, meaningful, and easily applicable―unlike results from using other personality or behavior-change models, where information can remain unused and forgotten when returning back to typical environments.


Using the Enneagram, clients target the exact obstacles holding them back from what they desire.  The Enneagram system has a built-in map and tools (such as process mapping) that guide the new approach to living and working.  This system guides clients to:

 Learn their strengths and where to find motivation and inspiration


Recognize ineffective patterns and their negative impact on their lives, relationships,

  work, leadership, and productivity


Learn skillful customized strategies to try instead of old patterns


Develop strengths to include the skill set that they or the team/organization are

  currently missing, but need


Commit to self-development and accountability and support the commitment of others


Identify support strategies and tools to keep them on track

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