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Enneagram Research Results

A global qualitative study by the Enneagram in Business Network (2011) uncovered the following results from 72 companies (and 20 countries) that used Enneagram as a core focus within their consulting, coaching, and/or training strategies:  
1) Focuses on                    Critical Factors

Organizations reported that the success of using Enneagram-based change strategies centered on the following critical factors:


improving the real needs of individuals and the entire organization

having an applicable and practical approach


measuring and demonstrating results in improved relationship skills,            productivity, and satisfaction with the model




creating sustainable change


▪ transferring the use of the Enneagram skills into clients' personal lives,          which reinforced the use of the Enneagram tools at work

2) Workplace           Improvement

Top leaders displayed commitment to using the Enneagram and enlisted 

   support   and commitment from management to execute Enneagram strategies.


Employee engagement and collaboration improved between individuals, 

   within teams, and across business units.


General communication and positive interactions improved. 


Job promotion rates increased.


There were higher scores on 360 degree feedback interviews.

  3)  Customer & 
       Financial Gains

Customer satisfaction surveys generated higher results. 

There were significant financial gains (e.g., "…sales are rising by double digits”).


Financial errors were reduced (e.g., "…increased trust and communication 

   prevented a $1M error".


More key leadership was retained.

4) High Employee

Employees using the Enneagram reported that they:


want to learn more about using the Enneagram system to improve their skills

use the Enneagram with other companies, clients, or peers

incorporate the Enneagram into their personal lives

share the Enneagram with family members and friends


Upon hearing about the positive benefits of using the  Enneagram, work

   colleagues express an interest in being trained using the Enneagram tool.


  5)  Client Quotes
      from Interviews

Most models have value, but they don’t help with self-mastery; they assess

    where you are, but don’t show you how to develop...The Enneagram opens up

    people’s worlds, it is life-changing work.”


“Staff members understand themselves and their coworkers, which allows them

   to be more forgiving and communicate better.”


At company events spouses talk about how it has helped their family.  No one

   ever says that about a financial class!”


There is a huge unmet need…At work, the need involves creativity, empathy,

   and becoming less hierarchical.  At home, there is stress and huge demands…

   The Enneagram helps with all of this.”

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