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My Client Focus 

Organizations, groups, and individuals in the following roles can benefit from the focus of my approach to self-development and creating growth and lasting change:

 Leadership                  Entrepreneurs                              

Management               Group or Project Members

Teams/Coworkers          Individuals with Development Goals

Governing Boards       Individuals, Couples, or Groups in Conflict

Clients with the following goals align well with the focus of my approach:

Exploring how to best deal with challenges, obstacles, changing demands, or opportunities

  in one's work or personal life


Being open to learning soft skills and best practices (e.g., effective communication, giving

  feedback, and conflict resolution)      


Maximizing the success of one’s organization or team, starting with a commitment to        

   bringing one’s personal best to the table


 Team building through exploring dynamics, cohesion, and trust



Aiming for more challenging assignments or a promotion


Dealing with conflict or with performance or behavioral issues       



Providing tools and support to millennials or other generations challenged with issues of

   satisfaction and/or performance, due to specific generational influences


Exploring and prioritizing one’s goals, desires, and passion about life and work  

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