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Jenna's style always strikes a balance that allows me to feel validated in who I am and encouraged to challenge myself to try new approaches and build new essential skills.  It is obvious that Jenna practices what she teaches: She has a grace and humor about her that makes our time together a completely enjoyable and worthwhile learning experience that I can’t imagine being able to find anywhere else. She's a wonderful resource in my life."

– E. Bauer, Ph.D., governmental agency

coaching and mediation client; training participant

Jenna is an expert in the art

of communication, has a deep 

understanding of the science of

human behavior, and has a unique gift for inspiring others. 




Working with Jenna involved her having to communicate feedback data that was difficult to hear, but needed.  I imagine that in most situations the experience could have been embarrassing and discouraging, but it turned out to be motivating for me. Working with my personality style led me to seize the opportunity to grow skills I needed to develop. Jenna's knowledge of how to use the Enneagram for behavior change is impressive.  I am grateful for her guidance."


– Mathew Luthy, information technology

consulting and coaching client

The way in which Jenna provided difficult interview feedback was direct, but it was at a comfortable pace and reinforced my abilities and potential. 



Jenna encouraged and coached me through all the areas of my life where I was feeling really stuck.  I learned the reality that it was my personality style and my own internal thoughts that were keeping me hostage, not other people or situations.  What a relief!  My confidence and trust in myself are growing rapidly.  I even have more energy, because of the better ways I am dealing with work and relationship challenges." 

– C. Richardson, Executive Director

coaching client

The progress I've made with Jenna, in a relatively short period of time, is phenomenal.  And the people around me are noticing, at work and with my family! 




She helped me identify my personality style, and it was spot on!  She also demonstrated critical tools in the workshops that everyone could learn to use, while they learn about themselves in the process. And they were fun!  I’ve grown a deeper understanding of myself and others with Jenna’s guidance. Jenna also helped me mediate a tough transition with two key stakeholders.  And now, I better understand my customers and the clients I serve."

– Elizabeth Meyers, disaster response

training participant and mediation and coaching client


Jenna's passion and expertise

shines through in her training workshops, it’s incredibly motivating.

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