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How It Works: The Process

The following 4-step process was designed to maximize self-development results for individuals, pairs of individuals, and teams or groups over a relatively short period of time. 
1) The Intake

 The initial phase of our work together includes assessing your needs and goals, so we can keep that focus throughout our work.  This can be done in 1 or 2 sessions lasting 1.5 to 3 hours each (depending on the scope).  The intake often includes one's self-development goals, work or business goals, and an interactive exploration of one's personality, communication, relationship, and leadership styles (if applicable).  A complimentary 20-minute call is available.


For businesses and organizations:

An additional comprehensive assessment often includes interviews with those identified as key people (leadership, direct reports, employees, peers, stakeholders, customers, etc.).  Customized questions are designed to cover issues specific to one's organizational and/or self-development goals, and a feedback report is generated.


 Since about 80% of the problems with reaching organizational goals is poor execution of any element in the strategic plan, I guide a process of leadership and culture development, employee performance management, and strategy execution of your vision, mission, strategy, goals, and tactics. 

2) The Action Plan

The second phase includes:


reviewing the results of the assessment phase


prioritizing goals and creating an action plan


choosing the specific mix of professional services needed


identifying measures of accountability and success 


determining how long we will work together 

3) The Work

While balancing the right amount of support and challenge for clients, our work together will always include important growth-oriented components, such as:


coaching that focuses on your own best insights and solutions


leveraging strengths 


education and experiential learning 


facing resistance and building success


celebrating achievements and reconfirming your goals 

4) The Wrap Up

After the work in the change phase is completed, we begin a process to review the critical steps to keep what you learned going strong.  We review:


  what was learned―expected and unexpected


  your satisfaction and success


  what tools/processes are needed to keep to sustain your progress


  if there is a desire to continue work together for another specified 

   period or if we are ready for the closing of our work together

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