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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to strengthen individuals, communities, and organizations, so productivity, relationships, fulfillment, and profits thrive. 

Our goal is to deliver premier, competitively-priced, and sustainable solutions to solve your most pressing challenges and reach your goals and potential.


Our promise is to support you with creative practical solutions that engage and empower you to transform, in order to fully stretch your return on investment.

Our Expertise

Our associates hold advanced degrees and certifications as coaches, trainers, group facilitators, and mediators.  We are able to pull from a broad range of expert areas to give you the biggest bang for your buck:


- the psychology & neuroscience behind lasting change

- emotional intelligence competencies

- managing conflict, stress, triggers, and trauma

- leadership development and team effectiveness

- organizational culture, inclusion, and value alignment

- human resources and business management

Meet the Owner

Jenna is a dynamic speaker, coach, and trainer with over 15 years’ scope of experience in training and development, programming, consulting, and research.  She holds a graduate degree in Management and Public Policy from the University of Pittsburgh and trained as a Leadership and Performance coach at Brown University.  Through working with hundreds of clients, Jenna has crafted a “secret sauce” for individual and organizational development solutions that focuses on empowering and engaging clients in their self-exploration and transformation.  Jenna has created a business and lifestyle of "walking the walk" of self-development, and our clients and partners greatly enjoy her inspiring and fun attitude.

Jenna Williams, MA, SPHR

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